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Guttman, Freidin & Celler Overview

Guttman, Freidin & Celler is a partnership of three prominent law firms with a headquarters office in Miami focused on representing whistleblowers in Florida and nationwide. The three combined firms have expertise in representing whistleblowers under the False Claims Act and other whistleblower statutes in a number of different contexts while protecting employees who blow the whistle from retaliation at work.

Three Law Firms Joining Together to Provide the Best Possible Representation to Whistleblowers

The partnership of Guttman, Freidin & Celler brings to each client a group of lawyers who have tried over 300 cases, been part of litigation resulting in the return of over $5 billion under the False Claims Act, sued some of the largest companies in the world, and secured multi-million dollar and even billion-dollar recoveries in individual cases.

The Florida whistleblower lawyers in our firms include a former Congressman, a former Federal Judge, a Presidential appointee, former federal court law clerks, law professors, and — most importantly — highly experienced litigators.

Guttman, Freidin & Celler Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Government Program Fraud; Defense Fraud; COVID-19 Fraud; Medicare Fraud; Nursing Home Quality of Care Violations; Pharmaceutical Fraud; Compounding Pharmacy Fraud; Education Fraud; Healthcare Billing Fraud; Hospital Fraud; Hospice Fraud; Telemedicine Fraud; IRS Whistleblowers; Research Fraud; Equipment Fraud; Federal Student Aid Fraud; False Enrollment Fraud; Student Recruiter Incentive Fraud; False Scholarship & Financial Aid Assistance; Admission Fraud; Grant & Research Fraud; Accreditation Fraud; Charter School Fraud; Duplicate Billing Fraud; Upcoding Fraud; Improper DRG Claims Fraud; Unbundling Fraud; Cost Report Fraud; Stark’s Law Violations.



Richard Celler Richard Celler
Discrimination, Employment, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower
Philip Freidin Philip Freidin
Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Whistleblower
Reuben Guttman Reuben A. Guttman
Consumer Law, Employment, Litigation