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23 South Osceola Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801

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The Baez Law Firm Overview

Located in Orlando, The Baez Law Firm serves clients in south and central Florida with matters of criminal defense, civil rights, and civil litigation. Criminal defense practice areas include drug crimes, DUI, white collar crimes, manslaughter and homicide, federal offenses, and other criminal charges. The firm also represents clients in negligent security, wrongful death, police brutality, Native American affairs, appeals, and more.

Nationally recognized for his work on the Casey Anthony case, Jose Baez has a distinct understanding of forensic evidence. He works with other highly skilled lawyers with vast experience and knowledge who concentrate on ensuring that clients’ constitutional rights are protected and that the legal process is fair and just.

With high commitment to justice in the legal system, The Baez Law Firm represents clients with a focus on developing strategies designed to effectively and favorably resolve their legal matters.

Languages: English, Spanish

The Baez Law Firm Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: DUI Manslaughter; Tax Violations; Organized Crime; Fraud; Counterfeiting; Forgery; Sexual Assault; Corporate Fraud; Negligent Security; Medical Board Hearings & Trial; Dental Board Hearings & Trials; Police Brutality; Wrongful Conviction; False Arrest; Race Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Native American Affairs; Forensic Science; Federal Crimes; Misdemeanors; Felonies; Stalking; Threatening; Drug Trafficking; Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Securities Fraud; Medicare Fraud; Medicaid Fraud; Credit Card Fraud; Internet Fraud; Cyber Scam; Internet Sex Crimes; Criminal Sexual Misconduct; Sex Solicitation; Indecent Exposure; Prostitution; Rape; Speeding; Failure to Yield; Driving without License; Illegal Parking; Ponzi Scheme; Insurance Fraud; Tax Evasion; Embezzlement; Criminal Appeals; Civil Appeals; Civil Rights Violations; Manslaughter; Homicide; Identity Theft; Assault; Battery; Intentional Torts; Violent Crimes; Money Laundering; Sexual Battery; False Imprisonment; Invasion of Privacy; Trespass; Conversion; Nursing Home Neglect.



Jose Baez Mr. Jose A. Baez
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The Baez Law Firm Affiliations

  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers