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The Lawler Firm, PA Overview

The Lawler Firm P.A. in Brandon, FL, specializes in personal injury cases. The firm also makes sure clients get their personal injury protection benefits and are defended in criminal charges. The firm can represent victims of any type of accident or criminal matter.

Attorney Stephen Lawler is experienced in these cases. He knows how to proceed and what to expect from opponents. He guides his clients through the process, making sure they are helped with medical treatments and financial issues. He works with doctors who wait for payment to come after clients’ are paid.

Mr. Lawler fights for clients’ rights and livelihoods. He understands the financial burden an injury can cause and does what he can to help them cope. He immediately investigates the case upon accepting it and finds the information necessary to ensure success. The Lawler Firm P.A. is able to get clients what they deserve.

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